Central Heating: Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Boiler in The Summer

Summer is here, and we have been experiencing a heatwave, so it is unlikely that thoughts about your central heating system will be in the front of your mind. However, as strange as it may seem, now is actually the time that you should be turning your mind to your heating, so that you can ensure that it will be working, once the colder weather comes back around. Still not convinced? Here is why it is important that you check on it:

Many people don’t even cast a second thought onto their boiler until there is a problem with it, because heat and hot water are something which they often take for granted. However experts advise that you should have your central heating and hot water devices checked out at least once a year to ensure that they are running efficiently, and to catch any potential minor problems before they become serious major problems.

The summertime is actually the perfect time to get your central heating system checked out, because the chances are that it won’t be in use. If your servicing engineer does find a fault with your system, then your service won’t be disrupted at all whilst the fault is being fixed. End up having to have your boiler repaired in winter, and the chances are that you will notice the disruption to your central heating services. If your system breaks during the winter months, then you could be left without heating for days (or even weeks) as you struggle to find a suitable repair engineer (believe me when I tell you that it is harder to find an engineer in winter than in summer), then have to wait for the necessary parts you might need to fix it. If your boiler Geen warm water breaks suddenly, repairs may be very costly, and some people can actually end up with no heating for a while, as they struggle to find the money needed to fix it.

Another reason that you should think about your central heating boiler during the summer months is the fact that having your boiler switched off for long periods of time can actually be bad for it. Normal tap water actually contains millions of tiny, dissolved mineral particles which will leave mineral deposits and crystalline formations if the water is allowed to dry up. In general, the more slowly the water evaporates, the larger the crystal formations will be. If the water in your central heating pipes is left to stand and evaporate for the whole summer, large crystal will form in the pipes and these deposits can cause problems with the water flow once the pipes are used again. They can even cause the pipes to corrode, which could cause the pipes to burst later, which can cause a lot of damage. Simply turning your boiler on for a short while, a few times per month can help to keep water flowing and will help to ensure that all of the moving components of the system do not seize up through inactivity.



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