How to Extend The Lifespan of Your Lace Wigs

Many people love to try different looks, until they achieve their most desirable appearance. Lace wigs can make the women look more attractive and beautiful, that is why most of them would wear these wigs. Wig lovers all know that there are various benefits of lace wigs. They can improve the physical appearance and lifestyle for the wearer. Most fashionable ladies today like to have a better look by wearing different wigs. But they are not cheap, so it is important for you to know how to take care of them. If you look after your wig carefully, it will be in good condition, and this can help you save money. People might think that costume lace wigs are heavy, but actually they can make you feel very comfortable and give you a superb look. If the lace wigs have straight hair, you can use a brush to brush through the hair. But if it is a curly wig, then you can just use your fingers to comb the hair.

Lace wigs might last for anywhere from two months to even twenty years, depending on how you use them. If you are wearing this type of wig in a severe environment, then you need to wash it at least once a week. When your lace wig looks dirty and lifeless, you should wash it. It is just like your own hair so you should know when to clean it. In order to get rid of the knots, the wig should be combed at the bottom gently. Before washing a lace wig in the basin, you can soak it for about 5 minutes. Never wash these wigs with your washing machine. Dry the hair with a towel to finish the whole washing process.

Never wring the hair as it could be out of shape. While the wig is still dripping, you should never comb it. Allow the wig to air dry on a slender object like a shampoo bottle or a can of hairspray covered with a small towel. Since human hair wigs are expensive, so you need to take care of them more carefully. Make sure that you use the proper shampoos and conditioners for the lace wigs. Give yourself enough time to learn some basic knowledge of wig care products. If you do not use correct products on the wigs, they might end up looking very dull and even lose their color.

A hairbrush that comes with nylon bristles will make the curls on the wig come undone, so if you have a curly wig, never use this type of brush. To take care of your wigs, you also need to pay attention to where you wear them. A severe environment with intense heat or cold can hurt the wigs and shorten their lifespan. When you have to be in a complicated environment, you can wear a scarf over the head to lessen the effect. In the rainy days, if your wig gets wet, do make sure to dry it out before you wear it again.

These tips and important ways to deal with hair about lace wigs tend to make them last at least two to three years without eliminating their beauty. Of course you can take care of your wig by the ways you like, as long as you can keep it in good condition.



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