Save Thousands on Massage Therapy With a Massage Chair

It may seem like a contradiction. How do you save money when you have to spend money? Most people look at massage chairs as luxury items. They certainly are luxury items if you really do not need the massage therapy that they can provide. On the other hand, if you do need the massage therapy that they then massage chairs can save you a significant amount of money. Many people suffer from back pain or other conditions that require medical or chiropractic treatment. We all know that health care costs continue to rise. How do you save money buying a massage chair?

If you are already receiving massage treatments, then you know that there is a lot of expense involved. You have to make an appointment. You need to drive to and from the office of the massage therapist. You need to take the time from work or other activities. You need to pay per hour of massage therapist time plus their tip. If you go to a massage therapist a few times a month, the bill could be hundreds of dollars per month. This is thousands of dollars per year.

You may already be getting treatment for an ailment that you have. Perhaps you are seeing a chiropractor. The good doctor puts you through a barrage of therapies, adjustments, exercises and more. The chiropractor is helping you to get your situation corrected. But you also need to make changes to keep those conditions from recurring. Many chiropractors use massage treatments to help their patients. If your insurance requires co-pays and other deductibles, then you may be paying hundreds per year or more.

Now, if you really need massage treatment, then you have options. You can Physiotherapy in Richmond BC certainly see a massage therapist. A massage therapist is definitely a great way to go, when you can afford both the time and the money. However, massage chairs are another viable alternative. These chairs range in price from $599 to $5,999 and offer a terrific range of massage therapies and full body massages.

The interesting thing is people look at massage recliners as expensive. They see the total cost of say $3,000 and they think, Wow! That is expensive for massage therapy. But they really do not look at paying $75 plus tip once a week as expensive. Let us say that a massage therapist runs $75 plus tip at $10 for a total of $85 per a one hour session. Let us assume that we visit the massage therapist once a week. How long does it take until we pay for the cost of a $3,000 massage recliner? It takes 35 weeks or 35 massage treatments.

The chair cost is equivalent to 35 hours of massage therapy performed by a massage therapist. How long are these automated recliners rated to last? The typical chair in the $3,000 range is designed for 1,000 to 2,000 hours of life. Let us take the lower number of 1,000 hours. How much does an hour of massage therapy cost on a massage chair. $3,000 divided by 1,000 gives us $3/hour of massage therapy! The best part is you do not have to pay a tip. You can pay a massage therapist $85/hour or $3/hour for a massage chair.



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