Ten Reasons to Sell Your Home Without an Agent

Selling a property without an agent is not for everyone but for those with determination, it can be the best way to sell a home. I give the top reasons to sell your home with out an estate agent.

1. No agency fees or commissions. This is the top of anyone’s list to sell your home yourself. You can save thousands of pounds or euros by selling your home privately without going through an agent.

2. You can value your home correctly, without the aid of an agent. This will take a little bit of research, but if you sell your home through an agent, many people will do this anyway to make sure the home is selling a home in Oro Valley AZ properly valued, and if they don’t, they should. Many agents do one of two things: Value your home too high to get your business; or Value your home too low to make a quick sale. Either way, you end up on the short end – it takes too long to sell, or you lose money on the sale.

3. Advertise anywhere you want – local print ads, national real estate websites and even international web portals. Depending on your home and where you live, you can target the ideal potential buyer.

4. You make the first impression – it takes only a few seconds to impress or turn off a potential buyer. You don’t have to worry if your agent is having a bad day, or wants to sell a bigger, more expensive home. You get to impress the buyer, which leads to the next reason.

5. You know your home better than any agent ever will. No matter how much time an agent gets to know you, he or she can never know all there is to help sell your property. You can compare other聽houses for sale

6. You know the neighborhood. Many agents are local and can do a good job of selling a neighborhood, but having lived their you certainly have an advantage in talking about all the reasons to move into an area.

7. You do the negotiating. For some people this is definitely a plus, and for others it isn’t. Those who like to get the best deal will be able to negotiate in their favor and get exactly what they want for the house. There is no one pressuring you to make the deal – so they can get their commission. It’s all up to you.

8. Choose your own solicitor. You will need a solicitor to close the deal, and you can choose whomever you want. There are plenty of good ones you can find for reasonable rates, and you don’t have to use the one the agent knows or steers your to.

9. Show your house when you want to. You don’t have to be at on an agent’s schedule – you can show your home whenever you want, depending on your schedule. Of course, the more flexible you are, the better chance you have to sell property, but it’s your choice.

10. Set your own timeline – All too often, you are at the beck and call of an agent or solicitor when it comes to finalizing the deal and conveying the property. When you are the one in charge, you make sure the timeline works for you and your buyer. You can make sure everything is done in a timely manner, and that all parties are satisfied.


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