Understanding Ethics And Bioethics Of Medical Assistants

These days, people still have high respect for hospital staffs. When the children are down with fever, their parents would call their trusted pediatrician to seek for medical help. Most businesses and multinational corporations today even have their own industrial nurses or physicians to help the employees with their medical issues.

Currently, one of the most important members of the medical team is the medical assistant. Their role in health care are becoming more versatile and dynamic. They are now given more duties and responsibilities. Since they have so many tasks to care about, it is only vital that they understand what their profession demands. This is to avoid incidence of lawsuits and other dilemmas.

Yes, people trust their health care professionals. People trust them with their lives. It is important that they master the different medical terms and treatment procedures performed in their Benzo Withdrawal medical area. Also, they should know how to follow the different laws and bio ethical standards concerning their profession.

Since this article is about ethics and bio ethics of medical assistants, it is important to differentiate the two. First, let us discuss what ethics is. Ethics is a set of rules or guidelines. These rules are used to determine if the person is acting properly or not. Medical ethics are part of professional ethics. It governs the behavior and conduct of the health care professionals. To work ethically, the health care professional must remain truthful and fair.

Bio ethics on the other hand, is about life preservation. In the past, most medical decisions are made solely by doctors and physicians or legal professionals. But with the advancement of technology, patients are given more choices and medical alternatives. Since medical assistants are performing more active roles in health care, they should know how to attack different situations in a moral and ethical way. No one is perfect. Anyone can commit mistakes like giving the wrong medications or medical procedures. However, in the medical industry, a mistake can be detrimental. Yes, accepting and telling the main physician about the mistake is not easy, but it can save life.

Role Of The American Association Of Medical Assistants

In the medical assisting field, the AAMA or the American Association of Medical Assistants is responsible for setting the guidelines for ethical and moral conduct. They see to it that their members are always striving for excellence.

Certainly, one of the most promising industries today is health care. It can provide several opportunities and career advancements. However, it is not an easy job. Medical assisting is a popular health care profession. Like any other medical professionals, they too are facing many challenges in their career. Thus, knowing the different laws and bio ethical guidelines concerning their profession can help them a lot to becoming proficient and qualified health care staffs.



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