Visit the Majestic Forts and Palaces on Rajasthan Tours

Rajasthan has time and again been referred to as the land of the kings and princes, a land of royalty and grandeur. The forts and palaces of Rajasthan to be seen on Rajasthan tours are the main attraction of a visit to this great land. They are a part of the culture and identity of Rajasthan.

The Chittaurgarh Fort is one of the most recognized forts in Rajasthan. It is dedicated to the valour and bravery of the Rajput rulers. The Chittaurgarh region exists in the form of a broken-down citadel Warhammer 40k comprising of palaces, forts and other structures. Built in Rajput architectural style the fort covers an area of 60 acres. One can reach Chittaurgarh by rail from several major Indian states.

The Junagarh Fort of Bikaner is yet another premier attraction. The fort complex dates back to the medieval times and includes a number of attractions within it. The fort is known for its beautifully carved and is full of pavilions, palaces and courtyards. Anup Mahal is a gorgeous palace inside the fort, with walls of gold leaf patterns and red color and beautiful inlay work of colored glass. The Badal Mahal with stunning paintings on the walls based on a water theme is another famous part of the Junagarh Fort complex while Phool Mahal with its elegant towers, windows and balconies is also worth a visit. The fort also houses a museum displaying the indulgent lifestyle of the royals.

When it comes to the palaces of Rajasthan, the Karni Bhawan Palace in Bikaner is a famous spot. The palace was home to Maharaja Karni Singh and was built in the popular art deco style. The palace is known for its Doric windows.

The Pushkar Palace in Pushkar is a popular tourist destination. Pushkar is a famous pilgrim destination of India and is especially popular with tourists from Europe. Apart from visiting the Pushkar Palace one can also plan a trip to the various temples in the city, and with more than 500 of them to choose from, a trip to this place is definitely worth a visit.

The Lallgarh Palace in Bikaner is an impressive structure built in red sand stone. The palace was constructed in the year 1902 A.D. by Maharaja Lall Singh. The palace has been built in a variety of schools of architectural style, including Rajput style, European style and Muslim style.

To be able to truly enjoy the glorious tradition of palaces in Rajasthan while also experience a comfortable and pleasant trip, one can plan to visit and stay at the Deogarh Mahal. The one-time palace has been converted into a hotel for tourists and visitors while a portion of it is still used by the original family. With 50 rooms, 2 studio suites, 3 royal suites, 23 deluxe suites and 22 deluxe rooms, this property is equipped to offer maximum comfort to travelers while also giving them a chance to glimpse into the royal heritage and past of Rajasthan.



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