What Can a Cisco Reseller Offer to Small Businesses Seeking Wireless and Mobile Network Solutions?

The SMB Reseller now has a golden opportunity to attract the business of SMBs (Small and Medium sized Businesses) to Wireless and VOiP solutions. That opportunity exists in the wireless networking market, especially with the low cost SMB solutions from Cisco. They offer broadband wireless network solutions for any type of SMB from a home based business, to a business with a couple of hundred employees across the UK and the rest of Europe.

This solution for the SMB reseller is the Cisco Mobility Express Solution, a part of the Cisco Smart Business Communications System. Home based businesses can benefit from ADSL routers but the wireless internet solution should not be ignored.

Cisco is supported by Azlan, part of TechData, a leading distributor at the cutting edge of cost-effective distribution for market leaders. This support for Cisco from TechData’s Azlan covers the whole range of products from networking to software for enterprises and SMBs across UK, Europe and the Middle East. This has helped to expose Cisco SMB products through Azlan’s marketing drive and value creating service to the SMB reseller.

You may ask, “Why should a reseller buy the Mobility Express Solution for their customers whether based in the UK or the rest of Europe?” The number one reason is the cost effectiveness (as opposed to hard wired or fiber optic technologies) of the wireless technology. Setting up an Access Point (AP), which adheres to the IEEE standard 802.11g protocol, provides you with a wireless LAN. The SMB Reseller can enable customer retention by securing the Cheapest Wireless network solutions for SMBs.

A wireless LAN easily allows you to connect your PCs, laptops, and other mobile appliances together. Thus, allowing you to effortlessly share printers and secure backup servers. Each AP is a radio transceiver. It transmits and receives packets of information with a frequency of 2.54 GHz. The AP is also wired to a router (electronic switch) and /or an Ethernet adapter (usually a DSL or cable internet connection).

Any Small Business reseller needs to be aware of the following points in order to help their SMB customers across the UK and Europe to make an informed decision on their IT business technology investments. The Cisco Mobility Express Solution is not only cost effective; it also provides protection for your customer’s investment by providing them with the ability to upgrade to newer standards and software.

The Wireless Express AP offers standalone operation or scalability by adding more APs and/or adding the Wireless Express Mobility Controller as their business grows. It will allow your customers to attract and retain technologically perceptive employees and open the doors to enhanced customer service and new ideas of revenue generation. An added plus is the ease of setup and reliability of operation with the free downloadable Configuration Assistant.

For the SMB reseller whose customers are among the higher end of SMB business requirements, Cisco offers the Aironet Wireless Bridge. A wireless bridge allows you to connect two LANs together without the expense of direct connections. Azlan have Google gsuite driven this concept into the market. The Aironet Wireless Bridges come with both the 802.11b/g standard transceiver as well as the faster 802.11a standard (and the newer 802.11n standard). To help you determine your customer’s needs, here are the reasons for a low cost Cisco Aironet Wireless Bridge. The SMB reseller should sell the Aironet router.

1) It is the perfect SMB connector solution for the VoIP reseller and other mobile appliances.
2) It provides low cost line of sight connections between buildings or within a large building (as opposed to dedicated lines and fiber optics).
3) They provide you with the same ease of use and reliability that enterprise customers demand.
4) They provide higher throughput than a T1 Line.

In fact, it is recommended that the SMB Reseller places this banner in their advertisements and on the home page of their online shopping sites: “Save Money with Powerful Low Cost Cisco Aironet Wireless Bridges”.

What is the bottom line? SMB Resellers should offer low cost wireless SMB solutions from Cisco for their customers.

Other Cisco SMB products offering low cost solutions are:

– Unified Communications 500 Series now adds 32- and 48-user systems. The product addresses the unified communications needs of SMBs.

– SMARTnet Service comprises the SBCS award-winning technical support service program. SMBs gain access to various service agreements and a vast technical resource library. The support includes 24-hour telephone, Web-based support, software assurance, application and OS system updates and upgrades.



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